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Thursday, August 7

Dialogue CD - 2008

I just added this past year's CD to the Dialogue Archives (see link above, please). Now you can remind yourself of Miranda's beautiful cover art or, if you've lost your copy already, download all of the tracks. Check it out right here.

Also, there are some truly nice selections scattered across the past 8 years' releases--you should probably check those out while you're at it. (oh! insider recommendations: Egyptian Heat - Flowin' With The Arabic Beat [2007], Juan Garcia - Untruths [2002]).

But really, if you did lose your copy of last year's CD and desperately want a new one, there is a second option: if you order your textbooks for the upcoming semester via Textbook Reservations, you'll likely get a free copy (hey, we had to find some way to disperse the hundreds of leftover discs).

Stay tuned for more life-changing updates. Maybe eventually we'll put up an official introductory post, something to welcome you to our little site and to shake hands with the whole world (wide web) at once...


Mr. Eding said...

Thanks for the addition of this year's disc - I was waiting for cover art for iTunes!

Mr. Eding said...

aww, i typed too soon - I hadn't checked the page yet. I guess that's what happens when you ass-u-me.