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Thursday, August 7

Warm and Welcome

We here at Dialogue, INC. are proud to welcome you to our new corporate headquarters. Help yourself to our sleek, high-speed elevators and be sure to check out the view from the 57th floor--it will take your breath away.

Actually, aside from this bloggy new home on the interweb, our real-life command central has been relocated to the deep, dark basement of the Commons Annex. We are now the cute but ferociously hungry pets of the Student Development Office and the Service-Learning Center. Our new digs are a bit smaller, complete with paa├║ca (that's Hindi for 5, I think) cubicles, but we are making do with music and non-fluorescent lighting, new home-made shelves, and of course, our mini-fridge. Stop on by sometime and say hello to us.

Ahem! Getting down to business already--Miranda and I have been talking with each other (and with our new advisor--of Calvin bookstore fame--Justin Lawrence). We have been trying to figure out details and develop amazing new stratagems for our year-long stint as co-editors. In fact, just this morning Miranda and I had an official breakfast/business meeting at Marie Catrib's and, let me tell you, the schemes we concocted were as fresh and spicy as the food on our plates! Here's just a taste of what we've been thinking about:

- weekly meetings
- themed monthly zines
- the Dialogue Archives
- paper airplane posters
- a show at the 106 Gallery
- a Dialogue cookbook!

Cokes and Clubs is coming up soon--on the first day of classes, I believe. I think we're going to make a zine and some posters right then and there, and do it picnic-style.

Well, don't just stand there with your hand in your pockets. You got some bright ideas to contribute, or what?

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Jill said...

speaking of the dialogue archives:
i brought dialogue up in my history class this morning. my professor confessed to having some poetry published in Dialogue quiiiiiiite a few decades back. i said that was fantastic. smiles all around. the world seemed a brighter place.