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Thursday, September 11

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I sat at the Dialogue table at Cokes and Clubs. We had trail mix, zines and collaborative art that happened (on top of the e-mail sign up list that developed.)

It was a pretty good time.

My favorite part was people's reactions when I told them that the first Issue is going to all-inclusive. My favorite response was a girl who asked if a submission could have swearing in it. I guess this is the beginning of what we're going to have to do for the first issue (being sponsored by Calvin College with their discernment policies and such.) There is a fine line to play between doing what we or the submitters want and offending someone. (Maybe we could use ***'s to help us, eg. What the f*** did we just get ourselves into!!!)

Today we put up the posters to advertise the deadline for the first issue at our first staff meeting. (Thank you all of you who came!)

Our flow chart of everything is coming along nicely (if anyone wants to stop by, you are welcome to add to it.)


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